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About Us

Why We Exist

Del Cerro Baptist Church exists to help people connect with God, and others, as we grow in Christ, serve our community, and share our faith. Our mission is to reach ordinary people, and lead them to live extraordinary lives as followers of Christ.

What We Value

We value the Preaching and Teaching of Scripture, Worship, Prayer, Community, Encouragement, and Evangelism.


Sunday Morning Schedule

9:00am – Bible Study for all ages

10:30am – Worship Service


9:00am Adult Bible Study Schedule


Gospel Centered Family – Fellowship Hall B – Taught by Pastor Adam Groza

This small group Bible study offers a place to connect with other young families with kids. Every home needs a strong foundation. Pastor Adam’s practical lessons for young families are taught for the intention of building a strong family unit and a better relationship with God.


Bible Study for Life – Room 207 – Taught by Mike Meader

Median age adults… An informal class that stresses class participation. We use the class material as a springboard to initiate discussions about current events and our personal experiences. The focus of the class is two – fold. To discuss how the events in the Bible speak to our lives. To apply the lessons learned to become mature, active, and effective Christians in the world.


Women’s Seeking to Serve Class – Room 212 – Taught by Amy Moberly

The Seeking to Serve class welcomes women of all ages. This a dynamic group of women who are devoted to the study of God’s Word and putting it into action. Lifeway’s “Explore the Bible” curriculum is used to delve into the depths of the Bible and to apply its truths to our everyday lives through the love and service of God’s people.


Faith Builders Class – Room 216 – Taught by Raymond Moberly

Faith Builders spans a wide age range with a mix of married and single adults. We follow the Lifeway “Explore the Bible” curriculum, more colloquially known as the Southern Baptist “Quarterly’s”. The lesson and participation cover most of the class hour but we are able to fit in fellowship, snacks, and time to share prayer requests.


Seeker’s Class – Room 203 – Taught by Nancy Dice

This is a class whose members are seeking God’s leading in their lives, regardless of their age. The curriculum used covers different biblical books each quarter, alternating Old and New Testament, so that the entire Bible is examined over time.


Focus on the Word of God – Fellowship Hall A – Taught by Scotty Schuetz

This class welcomes adults of all ages and backgrounds. Join us as we learn together how to understand the Bible and apply it to our daily lives.
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Wednesday Evening Fellowship and Bible Study

Dinner: 5:15pm – RSVP at 619.460.2210

Bible Study: 6:30pm

Location: Fellowship Hall